Integrating Business Transaction Seamlessly

Bridging the Gap with the Financial Techonology of the Future, Today

To create a gem (or coin) that will have usability and eventually be used as a regular medium for payment transaction and availing goods and services.
To empower the MICRO Businesses and SME’s by harnessing their potential in the resources and connection they already have by adopting a common medium for transaction among themselves and a platform to enable this process.

Roadmap: The Birth of GEMS

GEMS Proceeds Allocation

GEMS Distribution

Advantages of Owning Piece of GEM


Platform showcases both their profile and products/services


Price stability due to controlled distribution


Price stability due to controlled distribution

Access to Financing

Price stability due to controlled distribution

 Professional Growth

Price stability due to controlled distribution

Centralized Supply Chain

Price stability due to controlled distribution

Frequently Asked Questions 

Business Community and those in the Cooperative sector are the priority. Priority is with those in the business already but membership is open for all individuals that will commit to create their own business enterprise however small it is. This is to encourage the growth of business and enterprising spirit among members as we believe that creation of more SMEs is the answer for jobs creation and ability to provide for the needs of each household.

To assemble this community, a website (platform) is to be created for their Digital Identity. The website (platform) should be a social e-commerce functionality where the profile of each member is shown and a section where they can showcase their goods and services. A payment system via GEM (or additionally Gcash) is also embedded in their own page for B2B or P2P transactions.

Sample Membership Fee = P5,000

1. One year with Freebies and Giveaways
2. Plus GEM tokens equivalent to 80% of their membership fee

Trial Membership

This is for those that do not have funds yet but is willing to be part of the community and engage in the business enterprise. They will be accepted for 3 months with free GEM token of ____ pcs each month. On the 3rd month, reminder in the system will be activated for Full membership.

Contact Details

Due to the nature of the GEMS as a reward points, transactions and communications can only be coursed throught online.

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